Sugar’s diner


There used to be a lot of birds in my back yard, blue jays, doves, robins, sparrows and some I do not know the names of,┬ábeautiful birds of all kind. Every morning, I would hear them singing, I would put food out for them, seeds and nuts that they shared with the squirrels. I enjoy the squirrels too. I love all animals and my friends would tease me and call my back yard “Sugar’s Diner”. This summer however “Sugar’s Diner” was strangely silent. I wondered about that. One day I made a grisly discovery. First just a bunch of loose feathers but then a doves head. Next I found a liver and then a leg. It became obvious. Cats. Feral cats were coming to my yard and killing the birds. Homeless, abandoned, unwanted cats were coming to “Sugar’s Diner” and eating the original patrons. I love cats I have three of my own all indoor cats that are spayed neutered and never run loose. It seemed to me that if the stray cats were hungry all I have to do was just feed them and they would stop killing the birds. I started feeding them. There were no birds in my yard now to kill anyway. It started with two cats but soon more came. Some sick, injured from fights and pregnant. There are six with the number threatening to grow. The implication of the situation started to become overwhelming. I tried to find homes for them, a task very difficult if not impossible.As I took my dog for his daily walks through the neighborhood I discovered I wasn’t alone in my predicament. At least three other ladies that I am aware of and I am sure there are a lot more, are faced with the same situation and have makeshift cat condos in their yards for various numbers of these cats to live in. The problem appeared to be and is huge. Going against the grain of my own nature I decided that extinction would be kinder than the injury, sickness, starvation and the freezing conditions these homeless unwanted fellow creatures of ours would have to suffer once winter hit. I called every animal control, rescue, humane society and pet protection agency I could find to no avail. It would seem the problem is insurmountable for them also. I was advised to stop feeding the cats, to go to a rent all place and rent traps at my expense, catch the cats and bring them in so they could then be destroyed. Or they just didn’t give a damn because the problem is too huge. So I guess it’s up to us, the citizens of this world class city of ours. Please, stop thinking of living creatures as toys. Do not buy them as gifts or amusement for people only to be discarded when they are no longer cute little kittens and mature into big burdens. Do not acquire pets you are not willing to treat as family and make a lifelong commitment to. Spay and neuter your cats and don’t let them run loose to be hit by cars or worse. Cats are perfectly all right living just indoors all their lives. All my cats have lived long happy healthy lives in this way and have brought me years of joy and pleasure. Please. Put yourself in their place.

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This site is dedicated to feral cats, stray cats, abused, old, sick, injured, scared, unwanted, abandoned, neglected and no longer care for.

Compassionate, reliable, and energetic people that rescue and take care of them, give them love, nourishment, safety, medical care and survival assistance with a goal of a permanent home for each and every one of them.

It is time for us human beings to realize that we share this world with other living creatures all of whom are directly or indirectly beneficial to us and are instrumental in sustaining life on this planet. As partners in life they deserve our respect and care especially in those situations where we hold a custodial position.They deserve the validity and dignity that is their birthright…

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